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Current Projects

Nyah Has an Adventure

Comedy-drama, slice-of-life animated series

Follows the titular Nyah, a parasite, and her non-parasite human, creature, and animal friends. In her world, parasites are illegal and must be destroyed.

Hilarity ensues because Nyah wants to live.

Release: TBA

Combat Practice 2

Fighting game featuring characters by The-F0X.

The main roster of 10 characters includes: Cecilia the Siren Harpy, Amber the Bondemi, Wendolyn the Vampire, Luna the Kitsune, Harper the Selkie, November the Reindeer Faun Centaur, Keiko the Eastern Dragon, Peter the Half-Fae, Katherine the Demon Stage Magician, and Carin the Demon Kitsune-Dragon Hybrid Princess. Once development on these characters are complete, more will be on the way via downloadable content (DLC), including Sylvia the Pirate Captain!

Release: TBA
Platforms: Windows, Linux

Other things hosted here

Neon's Crowdfunding Experience - NeonWabbit describes what happened to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, and other crowdfunding projects he contributed towards. Also lists some significant purchases related to Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project productions, such as character acquisitions, plus information on gifts we've received.

RGB-Newt Comic Gallery - Future home of our webcomics, including The Aussie Goldmine

Know Your Meme Discord Stats - An evolution of the earlier 2012–2017 #knowyourmeme @ Freenode IRC statistics. Ran from 2017 until late 2018, when it was discontinued.

WikipediNyah 2 - A work-in-progress re-write of the original WikipediNyah. Will contain up-to-date information on all things Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project at some point.

Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project

Darien Brice Dickinson (born 1996 in Sydney, Australia) first started using the "NeonWabbit" username in 2004. In 2016, this username was split into the brands "Studio RGB-Newt" and "The Fishal Project", to make his personal internet username its own separate thing. Then these brands were combined into one business - our ABN can be found at the bottom of this page.

Studio RGB-Newt focuses on production of multimedia projects, while The Fishal Project handles distribution of Studio RGB-Newt's projects. Currently, we're working on multiple animated series, video games, a webcomic, and a strategic card game.
They will only see the light of day when at least an hour of viewable or playable content has been finalized for each of them.

The Fishal Project also releases music under the record label name Fishal Project Records.

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