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Nyah Has an Adventure
Comedy-drama, slice-of-life animated series following the titular Nyah, a parasite, and her non-parasite human and creature friends. In her world, parasites are illegal and must be destroyed. Hilarity ensues because Nyah wants to live.


Weathered Wasabi Warehouse
Action/arcade party game. Click, drag, scroll, tap, and type your way through a gauntlet of microgames. With only minimal instructions, figure out what to do before the timer runs out, or the win condition can't be met anymore. Go for a high score, oh, and GET A JOB!


The Aussie Goldmine
Webcomic about a kangaroo who accidentally awakens the magical ghost of an emu while digging for gold. The two dedicate themselves to freelance crime-fighting, detective work, and solving disputes between friends.

Release: TBA

Other things hosted here

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Know Your Meme Discord Stats - An evolution of the 2012–2017 #knowyourmeme @ Freenode IRC statistics. Ran from 2017 until late 2018, when it was discontinued.

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WikipediNyah 2 - A re-write of the original WikipediNyah. Contains up-to-date information on all things Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project.

Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project

Darien Brice Dickinson (born 1996 in Sydney, Australia) first started using the "NeonWabbit" username in 2004. In 2016, this username was split into the brands "Studio RGB-Newt" and "The Fishal Project", to make his personal internet username its own separate thing. Then these brands were combined into one business.

Studio RGB-Newt focuses on production of multimedia projects, while The Fishal Project handles distribution of Studio RGB-Newt's projects. Currently, we're working on an animated series called Nyah Has an Adventure, a video game called Weathered Wasabi Warehouse, a webcomic called The Aussie Goldmine, a video game review show called Argie Bee Casefiles, and a strategic card game called Studio RGB-Newt's Shipment.

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