Commission of lynasdf: 2 NeonWabbit Original Characters

Paid: $120 USD
Commission: Art of my characters Barcode and Biscuit.
Date of payment: November 11, 2020


I commissioned lynasdf again, after being the first to commission them in 2017 to draw the Pokémon Meloetta. This time I commissioned them to draw my OCs Barcode and Biscuit.


The images were delivered on November 18 and 22, 2020.
The delivered images are below!

My character, Barcode
My character, Biscuit

Commission of Dirtypigeons / Midge Pie: Flye x Frie, and 3 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: $120 USD
Commission: Art of my characters Flye and Frie, Art of The-F0X’s characters Crow, Chi, and Carin
Date of payment: October 7, 2020


I asked my friend DirtyPigeonPie to draw my characters Flye and Frie hugging each other, and individual pieces of The-F0X’s OCs Crow, Chi, and Carin.


Images were delivered between October 9–12, 2020.
The delivered images are below!

Flye and Frie hugging each other
The-F0X’s OC, Crow
The-F0X’s OC, Chi
The-F0X’s OC, Carin

Commission of LuckyCessy: 10 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: ₱11,880 PHP ($352 AUD)
Commission: Art of 5 The-F0X DnD characters, Art of 5 The-F0X AU OCs
Date of payment: September 13, 2020


I asked my friend Cess to draw 10 of The-F0X’s OCs, which managed to split up into two images of 5 of The-F0X’s DnD characters, and 5 of her AU OCs.


Images were delivered on October 1 and October 22, 2020.
The delivered images are below!

The-F0X’s AU OCs: Yin, Ruin, Poet, Stitch, and Malakai
The-F0X’s DnD characters: Ciro, Artemis, Nyx, Clio, and Tuesday

Commission of Kappapeachie: Gerald Symons and Aurora Australis character redesigns

Paid: $120 USD
Commission: Redesigns of my kangaroo and emu characters (Gerald Symons and Aurora Australis)
Date of payment: August 26, 2020


I asked my friend Kappapeachie to design a kangaroo and emu character for me, so these new designs could replace the old ones for my webcomic The Aussie Goldmine.

Guidelines for Gerald Symons included: him holding a pickaxe, looking eccentric.

Guidelines for Aurora Aurora included: her feather colours being split down the half with a zig-zag, her having part of the green and gold geode around her neck, her being in 1930s clothing (as that’s when the Emu War was)


Here is the final result:

BAÏDIR – the animated series by Andarta Pictures

Pledged: €15 EUR
Rewards: Name in the credits
Kickstarter start date: August 8, 2020
Kickstarter funded on: September 7, 2020
Estimated delivery date: September 2020


Backed this animated series pilot because it was stunningly and beautifully animated, and the space opera setting was interesting.


The 2-minute pilot was premiered on September 24, 2020. Watch it below:

NeonWabbit’s name is listed in the credits around the 2:29 mark as “Darien ”NeonWabbit” Dickinson Ji Eom”, with the “Ji Eom” part seeming to be someone else’s name attached onto the end mistakenly, or to save space perhaps(?)

Commission of ToxicKitty: 30 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: €155.00 EUR
Commission: Single artwork featuring 30 of The-F0X’s OCs, including: Carin, Drake, Cari, Ruin, Malakai, Sketch, Skeri, Poet, Katherine, Fetch, Kiarie, Nala, Chi, Keiko, Cecilia, Harper, Heaven, Nyah, November, Rosalee, River, Soar, Chime, Lancelot, Lukah, Pandora, Sola, Tuesday, Yang, and Yin.
Date of payment: June 29, 2020


I commissioned ToxicKitty, aka @potatochipo1, asking her how many of The-F0X’s OCs she’d be willing to get done before the end of August 2020. I gave her a list of 30 characters to draw, and asked if she wanted to swap any out for other characters, but she was perfectly happy to draw the initial list of 30.


The commission was completed on August 24, 2020. Here it is!

Commission of Walrusmedia: Ink

Paid: $51.18 AUD
Commission: A low-poly, rigged and textured 3D model of my OC, Ink.
Date of order: May 26, 2020
Date due:
June 3, 2020
Date of delivery:
June 1, 2020


I was looking around Fiverr for someone who could make a low-poly version of my character Ink for my video game Weathered Wasabi Warehouse. I settled on Walrusmedia after seeing other low-poly characters they made.


This is how the low-poly model turned out. They even took creative liberties to add an ice-cold light-blue tail. Very cool!

Commission of Shiftybeans: Ink

Paid: $71.26 AUD
Commission: A detailed and rigged 3D model of my OC, Ink.
Date of order: May 26, 2020
Date due: May 28, 2020
Date of delivery: September 3, 2020


I was looking around Fiverr for someone who could translate The-F0X’s key art of my character Ink into a 3D model. I settled on Shiftybeans after seeing their work and saw their usage/knowledge of Unreal Engine.


The following model was delivered, but due to reasons, could not be textured or rigged. Still a good job, regardless!

Colors Live with Pressure-Sensitive Pen for Nintendo Switch by Jens Andersson

Pledged: 565 SEK
Rewards: Nintendo eShop Code for the game, Colors SonarPen with choosable cable color, Colors SonarPen carrying pouch, Colors Live beta access for Windows, Private developer forums access, 3x Superlikes in Colors Gallery, Name in the credits, “Patron” gallery badge, “Backer” gallery badge
Kickstarter start date: May 13, 2020
Kickstarter funded on: June 12, 2020
Estimated delivery date: August 2020


Heard about this Nintendo Switch sequel to the Nintendo DS/3DS series of art-making apps from scrolling through news on Google and Twitter. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive pen for the Switch’s touch screen this time around, so I figured I’d try it out.


The game was distributed digitally via Nintendo eShop code, and I received my Colors SonarPen in mid-November 2020. Here are the contents of the box containing the pen:

And here is my name in the credits:

NeonWabbit’s name in the credits of Colors! Live. Listed in pink as “Darien Brice Dickinson”.

Aqua Deck – The Invisible Playing Cards by Make Playing Cards – MPC

Pledged: HK$ 150
Rewards: Deck of clear/waterproof cards
Kickstarter start date: May 8, 2020
Kickstarter funded on: June 22, 2020
Estimated delivery date: July 2020


From scrolling through Kickstarter, I saw that MPC (a company that I’ll later ask to produce the cards for my own upcoming card games such as F0X Trumps and Studio RGB-Newt’s Shipment) had a campaign for a see-through set of waterproof playing cards, and I figured I could grab a deck.


The cards arrived in the latter half of 2020, and they look like this!

Aqua deck card pack with the Ace of Spades partially slid out.