Planet X3 for MS-DOS by David Murray

Pledged: $82
Rewards: Digital download of game, Physical boxed copy (signed by David Murray, the 8-Bit Guy): soundtrack on cassette tape, floppy disk with the game, printed manual, copy of Planet X2 for the Commodore 64, copy of Planet X1 for the VIC-20
Kickstarter start date: June 04, 2018
Kickstarter funded on: July 05, 2018
Estimated delivery date: May 2019


The 8-Bit Guy, David Murray, has really interesting videos on old hardware and software. Last year he made a game called Planet X2 for the Commodore 64, and with this campaign, he’s amping it up with Planet X3 for MS-DOS.


The digital copy of the Planet X2 and X3 games were linked as a separate downloads upon the completion of X3.

The physical copy of the games arrived at my place on March 04, 2019 – exactly eight months after the Kickstarter start date. Fitting for The 8-Bit Guy! The Planet X3 box was signed with the words “Enjoy x333”, which I requested as a sort-of pun on the game’s name.

Inside the boxes were the soundtracks on cassette tape, the printed manuals, and Planet X1 and X2 on Commodore 64 diskette, with Planet X3 on a 720K floppy, and a label for the 360K floppy disk version, should I choose to produce my own copy.

I later found my name on page 15 of the Planet X3 User Manual. Very cool!

The backer credits of Planet X3. NeonWabbit’s name is listed here as “Darien Dickinson”.

Crash Zoom – Series 2 (Animated Webtoon) by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell

Pledged: £16
Rewards: Digital goodie bag (thank you video, artwork, music, etc.), Behind-the-scenes vlog/preview Vimeo channel access, Postcard (signed by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell and Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman)
Kickstarter start date: May 18, 2018
Kickstarter funded on: June 21, 2018
Estimated delivery date: September 2018


I didn’t have enough money for Tom’s earlier Eddsworld Legacy campaign, so I promised myself I’d back his next crowdfunding campaign, which turned out to be for a new season of one of his hilarious original animated series.


The signed postcard arrived safely in July 2018.

The digital goodie bag was distributed, and certain episodes have been released.

Horse Destroys the Universe by Cyriak Harris

Pledged: £34
Rewards: eBook download, Physical paperback copy of book (signed by Cyriak Harris), Name in the back of the book
Unbound start date: May 18, 2018
Unbound funded on: N/A
Estimated delivery date: N/A


Cyriak is a surrealist animator, who suddenly announced they wrote a book, so I backed it.


The eBook has been sent to backers and my name is credited on page 371.

The physical signed copy of the book was received between May-June 2019.

The backer credits of Horse Destroys the Universe. NeonWabbit’s name is listed here as “Darien Brice Dickinson”.

Left: Front cover

Right: Cyriak’s message and signature

Oddworld: Abe’s Origins – Book & Game Collection by Harman and Robertson

Pledged: £30
Rewards: Physical hardcover book, Name in the book
Kickstarter start date: March 20, 2018
Kickstarter funded on: April 21, 2018
Estimated delivery date: April 2019


The only Oddworld game I’ve finished is the 2nd Abe one on the PlayStation One, but I’ve been interested in how the series all came together and the art and lore behind it, so I opted for this book.


The book arrived at my place on January 3, 2020.

BGO Mobile by Frostbolt Games

Pledged: €5
Rewards: Beta Tester, Backer lobby icon
Kickstarter start date: December 15, 2017
Kickstarter funded on: December 30, 2017
Estimated delivery date: January 2018


I have had a Board Game Online account since November 30th, 2011, so it made sense to back their Kickstarter for a mobile version of the game.


After an initial survey, my username is now a gold colour in-game and in the lobby. As of August 2018, the mobile version entered an open beta, and that is why I have tagged this project as delivered.

Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Fun & Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games by Larry Bundy Jr

Pledged: £35 (+£17.45 shipping)
Rewards: Signed hardback, eBook, Name in the back of the book
Unbound start date: October 25, 2017
Unbound funded on: N/A
Estimated delivery date: N/A


Larry Bundy Jr. has a good YouTube series on facts about video games, so I decided to check out the book version of the series also.


The book arrived at my place on February 11, 2020.

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game by Cyanide & Happiness

Pledged: $20
Rewards: Access to behind-the-scenes development forum, Digital copy of the game, Name in the credits
Kickstarter start date: September 05, 2017
Kickstarter funded on: October 06, 2017
Estimated delivery date: December 2018


I thought Cyanide and Happiness is a funny webcomic and animated series, so backing their game should be equally funny.


Episode 1 of the game released on March 12, 2021.

(TO-DO: Find name in the credits.)

Commission of lynasdf: Meloetta

Paid: $28 USD
Commission: An image of Meloetta from Pokémon
Date of payment: March 26, 2017


lynasdf is a friend I made in the Know Your Meme community. I commissioned them to make art of the Pokémon known as Meloetta. After a few instances where the eyes didn’t look quite right, I drew a basic idea of what I wanted them to look like and they soon delivered.


Payment was made after the following piece of art was finalised.

Meloetta by @lynasdf

GLITCHED by En House Studios

Pledged: $30
Rewards: Digital download of game, Digital download of soundtrack, PDF download of development book (art, design, secrets), Beta versions during development, Name in the credits
Kickstarter start date: July 22, 2016
Kickstarter funded on: August 22, 2016
Estimated delivery date: February 2018


I simply backed this game because someone said it was going to be the next Undertale, and soon, even SiIvaGunner released a high quality rip of one of the songs in the soundtrack, cementing my decision to remain a backer.


The developers have stated they are in the final stretch as of August 2018.

The final demo was released in August 2020, with a full release later in the year.

Patreon for Awesome Video Games

Pledged: $50 per episode
Rewards: Name in the credits, Early access to episodes, Production updates, Extended blooper reels, Access to 360 degree footage behind-the-scenes content, 4K resolution episodes
Patreon start date: March 04, 2016


Video Games Awesome is a Let’s Play series I’ve been watching for many years now. But previously, the people behind it worked on a comedy series called Awesome Video Games.


Before moving from Canada to Japan, Fraser filmed a whole new season of Awesome Video Games. Over five episodes have been released early to patrons in an unfinished state, currently without credits, and not for public viewing yet.