Purchase of Flye from Hamsterly

Paid: $90.50 USD
Date of purchase: 
October 15, 2019


My friend The-F0X sold the character Flye, which she received in a trade from artist Hioshiru, to SkreeDecree (now Hamsterly) in 2014. In 2020, a made a proposition to Hamsterly to purchase this character from her.


After a lengthy discussion that lasted a few months, I now own Flye.

The-F0X’s key art of the character Flye. (2014-05-06)

Commission of Thimblewood: Carin and Drake

Paid: $46 USD ($69 AUD)
Commission: A fully rendered/painted drawing that ships The-F0X’s OCs Carin and Drake together in some way.
Date of payment: August 9, 2019


Thimblewood is a user on The-F0X’s Discord server. I offered to pay people there to draw shipping art featuring some of The-F0X’s OCs known as Carin and Drake, and Thimblewood took this offer up.


The final image delivered on August 11, 2019 (below), shows Drake curled up around Carin as she wraps her arms around his head.


Commission of CanisAries: Arph

Paid: $20 USD + $8 USD tip
Commission: A flat colour, full body redesign of the character Arph from my animated series Nyah Has an Adventure
Date of payment: August 19, 2018


CanisAries / Wolframclaws / Blanisquid / lovecraftisafurry / @Depresstopus is an awesome artist from Finland. Mostly known for her artworks and fanfiction in the Twitch Plays Pokémon community, she started to test the waters of the world of accepting commissions in 2018, much to my and everyone else’s delight. The first commission I have asked of her is a redesign of one of the main characters to my Nyah franchise.


After the Australian Shepherd-like fur markings of the new Arph were sorted out, and the basic shape of the character was defined, payment was made after a rough sketch was produced of the finalised artwork, which is shown below.

Now all that’s left to do is figure out how to retroactively un-canonize Arph’s old design… Oh, well. Introducing the new and improved Arph!


Commission of lenasdf: Meloetta

Paid: $28 USD
Commission: An image of Meloetta from Pokémon
Date of payment: March 26, 2017


lenasdf is a friend I made in the Know Your Meme community. I commissioned them to make art of the Pokémon known as Meloetta. After a few instances where the eyes didn’t look quite right, I drew a basic idea of what I wanted them to look like and they soon delivered.


Payment was made after the following piece of art was finalised.

Meloetta by @lensdfghjkl

Patreon for Hioshiru

Pledged: $10 per month
Rewards: Thank you, High resolution files, Exclusive 18+ content, Monthly sketch packs, Video speedpaints, Voting in polls
Patreon start date: March 23, 2015


Hioshiru is a Russian artist who makes quality furry and MLP-related art. I figured I could learn a thing or two from her video speedpaints and high-resolution files, so I decided to support her Patreon beginning in mid-2018.


Hioshiru posts Patreon-exclusive content fairly regularly, and I felt like I got my money’s worth. After a year, I temporarily cancelled due to a financial situation.