Commission of Dirtypigeons / Midge Pie: Flye x Frie, and 3 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: $120 USD
Commission: Art of my characters Flye and Frie, Art of The-F0X’s characters Crow, Chi, and Carin
Date of payment: October 7, 2020


I asked my friend DirtyPigeonPie to draw my characters Flye and Frie hugging each other, and individual pieces of The-F0X’s OCs Crow, Chi, and Carin.


Images were delivered between October 9–12, 2020.
The delivered images are below!

Flye and Frie hugging each other
The-F0X’s OC, Crow
The-F0X’s OC, Chi
The-F0X’s OC, Carin