Commission of LuckyCessy: 10 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: ₱11,880 PHP ($352 AUD)
Commission: Art of 5 The-F0X DnD characters, Art of 5 The-F0X AU OCs
Date of payment: September 13, 2020


I asked my friend Cess to draw 10 of The-F0X’s OCs, which managed to split up into two images of 5 of The-F0X’s DnD characters, and 5 of her AU OCs.


Images were delivered on October 1 and October 22, 2020.
The delivered images are below!

The-F0X’s AU OCs: Yin, Ruin, Poet, Stitch, and Malakai
The-F0X’s DnD characters: Ciro, Artemis, Nyx, Clio, and Tuesday