Commission of ToxicKitty: 30 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: €155.00 EUR
Commission: Single artwork featuring 30 of The-F0X’s OCs, including: Carin, Drake, Cari, Ruin, Malakai, Sketch, Skeri, Poet, Katherine, Fetch, Kiarie, Nala, Chi, Keiko, Cecilia, Harper, Heaven, Nyah, November, Rosalee, River, Soar, Chime, Lancelot, Lukah, Pandora, Sola, Tuesday, Yang, and Yin.
Date of payment: June 29, 2020


I commissioned ToxicKitty, aka @potatochipo1, asking her how many of The-F0X’s OCs she’d be willing to get done before the end of August 2020. I gave her a list of 30 characters to draw, and asked if she wanted to swap any out for other characters, but she was perfectly happy to draw the initial list of 30.


The commission was completed on August 24, 2020. Here it is!