Commission of ToxicKitty: 30 The-F0X Original Characters

Paid: €155.00 EUR
Commission: Single artwork featuring 30 of The-F0X’s OCs, including: Carin, Drake, Cari, Ruin, Malakai, Sketch, Skeri, Poet, Katherine, Fetch, Kiarie, Nala, Chi, Keiko, Cecilia, Harper, Heaven, Nyah, November, Rosalee, River, Soar, Chime, Lancelot, Lukah, Pandora, Sola, Tuesday, Yang, and Yin.
Date of payment: June 29, 2020


I commissioned ToxicKitty, aka @potatochipo1, asking her how many of The-F0X’s OCs she’d be willing to get done before the end of August 2020. I gave her a list of 30 characters to draw, and asked if she wanted to swap any out for other characters, but she was perfectly happy to draw the initial list of 30.