Commission of Gekikara: The-F0X’s Carin (NSFW)

Paid: $20 USD
Commission: A black-and-white drawing of The-F0X’s OC, Carin.
Date of payment: March 22, 2020


While Gekikara was doing the first commission I asked of him, I also asked him to make a specific image involving The-F0X’s OC, Carin, in a risqué situation.


The final image was delivered on March 22, 2020 and payment was then made.

It can be found on his @Tomboy_sama Twitter account (NSFW) here.

Lackadaisy: The Animated Short Film by IronSpike

Pledged: $80 USD (+$40 USD shipping)
Rewards: “The Lackadaisy Essentials” eBook and Hardcover, Signed bookplate, “Lackdaisy Cats, Vol. 1” digital download, “Lackdaisy Cats, Vol. 2” digital download, HD digital download of Lackadaisy Animated Short, Digital download of soundtrack, Digital download of storyboards
Kickstarter start date: March 17, 2020
Kickstarter funded on: April 18, 2020
Estimated delivery date: April 2021


I’ve been following the Lackadaisy comic for years now, and got pinged about an upcoming Kickstarter via their Discord. I went for the high tier with a signed physical reward, and an actual copy of the film.



Commission of Gekikara: The-F0X’s Kalypso

Paid: $20 USD
Commission: A full-colour drawing of one of The-F0X’s OCs.
Date of payment: March 5, 2020


Gekikara is another friend I know from the Know Your Meme community. I commissioned him to draw one of The-F0X’s OCs from a selection, and he chose Kalypso.


The final image was delivered on March 5, 2020 and payment was then made.

The-F0X’s OC, Kalypso, as drawn by Gekikara (a.k.a. @Tomboy-Sama and @GekiProductions)