Ashens and the Polybius Heist by Stuart Ashen

Pledged: $150
Rewards: Signed Blu-Ray copy of the film, Name in the credits, Production updates, PDF of shooting script, Digital copy of the film, Ashen Coin, Set of 6 badges
Indiegogo start date: July 08, 2018
Indiegogo funded on: August 08, 2018
Estimated delivery date: August 2019


Ashens is a guy who reviews relatively useless items on his couch. Apparently at some point, he made a film with some familiar faces such as Chris Bingham and Larry Bundy Jr. I didn’t even see it before deciding to back this sequel. I saw it later though. Of course, I had to aim for the name in the credits tier, which was pretty expensive.


The film has not yet been released.