Ashens and the Polybius Heist by Stuart Ashen

Pledged: $150
Rewards: Signed Blu-Ray copy of the film, Name in the credits, Production updates, PDF of shooting script, Digital copy of the film, Ashen Coin, Set of 6 badges
Indiegogo start date: July 08, 2018
Indiegogo funded on: August 08, 2018
Estimated delivery date: August 2019


Ashens is a guy who usually reviews relatively useless items on his couch. Apparently at some point, he made a film with some familiar faces such as Chris Bingham and Larry Bundy Jr. I didn’t even see the original before deciding to back this sequel. I saw it later though. Of course, I had to aim for the “name in the credits” tier, which was pretty expensive.


The film was released on Vimeo and other streaming services on October 9, 2020. Physical rewards are not sent out yet. Here is my name in the credits: