There She Is!! 6th episode ‘another step’ by amalloc SamBakZa

Pledged: $40
Rewards: Name in the credits, Digital “thank you” card, Early preview of complete movie, 3 exclusive wallpapers, PDF download of “There She Is!!” art book, Doki & Nabi T-shirt, DVD, Physical “thank you” card (signed by amalloc), 5 illustrated cards
Indiegogo start date: January 12, 2016
Indiegogo funded on: February 12, 2016
Estimated delivery date: December 2016


A masterpiece in Korean indie animation, the There She Is!! series was first introduced to me on Newgrounds. It has since been remastered in HD for YouTube, and was neatly wrapped up in its 5th and final episode. However, an opportunity to crowdfund a bonus 6th episode and a DVD of the series arose, and I couldn’t pass it up.


Digital rewards, including the wallpapers, have been distributed.

The 6th episode premiered exclusively to backers, on Newgrounds, starting from August 15, 2020.
(TO-DO: Screenshot name in credits)

The t-shirt, DVD, and other physical rewards were later sent out, and I even opted for the art book in the store where ordering additional rewards was an option.
(TO-DO: Images of physical rewards)