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Nyah Has an Adventure

Nyah Has an Adventure is an animated series based on characters by The-F0X. It follows the titular Nyah, a parasite, and her non-parasite friends. In her world, parasites are illegal and must be destroyed. Hilarity ensues because she wants to live.

Weathered Wasabi Warehouse

Click, drag, scroll, tap, and type your way through a gauntlet of minigames. With only minimal instructions, figure out what to do before the timer runs out. Go for a high score and GET A JOB!

The Aussie Goldmine

What happens when a gold-digging kangaroo frees a magical emu from her eternal slumber, even though emus were supposed to remain extinct after the great Emu War? The two form a fair dinkum detective duo to solve the world's problems, mate!


When all our characters get together in one place, the only thing that's left to do is ship them! This card game, where you romantically pair up characters from our projects (and even special guest characters via expansion packs), is based on Horrible People Games' TSSSF.