Studio RGB-Newt currently works on these three animation projects which are distributed by The Fishal Project and produced by Project Nyah Development Team.

Nyah Has an Adventure poster.
Nyah Has an Adventure

Nyah Has an Adventure is a slice-of-life series about a parasite who tries to fit into a society where parasites are unfortunately illegal and must be terminated on sight.

The Aussie Goldmine poster.
The Aussie Goldmine

The Aussie Goldmine is a drama series in which a kangaroo named Gerald Symons and an emu named Aurora Australis travel the world to solve crimes and other problems.

Run, Dummy, Run poster.
Run, Dummy, Run

Run, Dummy, Run is a series of comedic short films about crash-test dummy cyborg insects who escape their evil testing facility and do everything they can to evade being recaptured.